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Nightshade Publishing, LLC is a prolific Publisher with a focus on unique and diverse voices, especially from first-time authors. Have a look at our most popular releases below including YA Paranormal, Romance, and Poetry.

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A.G. Porter

Six months ago, Ava Black fell from her Queen Bee status. Once she ruled the halls of her high school without mercy, crushing her enemies and stepping on anyone who dared stand in her way. Now, amongst the peasants, she does everything she can to avoid her former friends, mainly Frankie the new reigning Queen, who now bullies her relentlessly.

Ava has accepted her fate, sticking to the shadows, knowing that karma has come to call. Plagued by debilitating migraines that steal her strength and sometimes her sanity, Ava does all she can to just survive. She knows that having a normal high school experience, friends, and fun is something of the past. That is until Keira Richards, their new exchange student, comes in and shows Ava she’s still worthy of friendship.

The two girls form a quick bond and Keira forces Ava to get out, experience life, forget about the nightmares of robed figures, ancient battles, and whispers of Thyana. She did so well for a while. But then Gabriel Matthews, the handsome loner, brings it all back to the surface. He seems to know a lot about her migraines, her dreams, and her past.

With dark and terrible things seeming to befall those around Ava, she’s desperate for answers. Can she and Gabriel move past their differences to figure out why she’s seeing these robed beasts roaming through their school and the streets of town?


Genevieve Guerrero

Coming Soon!
Ivy Newton moved to the small town of New Haven, Alabama to do more than just be the local Librarian. In a town where everyone knew everyone, it was the perfect place to hide from her past. Perhaps not hide, but escape. She could throw all of her efforts into her job, taking care of her dog, and remodelling her new house, things she didn't think she would ever be able to call her own. She had a plan written down, her life defined by the perfectly crisp pages of her planner. That was until Roman Belmonte decided to come along rip them all out. 
Roman Belmonte had two great loves in this life, his little brother Harper, and his career. He had worked on construction jobs since he was 16 and now it was his turn to have his own business. Overcoming the loss of his fiance, raising Harper, and trying to start a business left little time in his life for anything more. He didn't expect Ivy Newton to make him realize something was missing. 
Can Ivy and Roman break down the walls they've built around their hearts and find a connection?


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Contemporary/Paranormal Romance


 “Some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal.”

Harper Lee



Alabama, USA

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